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All Natural Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup

Eye Makeup Tips with All Natural Mineral Makeup

Quick Tips
For Eyes

Mineral Eye shadows

  • Light mineral powders will bring out the eyes
  • Matte or dark mineral powders will deepen or shape the eyes and set pencil liner
  • Close-set eyes – do not go with color too close to the inner corners with dark shadows
  • Eyes with heavy fold can apply darker shadow in the crease on the outer side of the eye.
  • For intense eyes apply black pencil over color already applied at the base of the lashes
  • To brighten up the eye apply light color to the center of the eyelid
  • To make eyes rounder, shade thicker around the center of the eye on top and bottom
  • Deepen the eye add shine or a light shade just below the brows
  • Keep bright colors close to the eye and not the brow

  • Test the mineral eye liner on your hand. If you have to press really hard it might not be the right one for you.
  • To set it you can apply mineral powder makeup to it
  • You do not have to use a lot to make a difference. By lifting the eyelid gently you can apply on the lash line and give the eye lift
  • It is safer to begin at the outer edge
  • For a more round eye line heavier in the middle closer to the pupil

  • Black mineral mascara can be used on all hair types. It helps to make the eyes look more intense
  • Green and blue mineral mascara can brighten the face
  • If lashes are light apply mineral mascara to the base.

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