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Natural Mineral Makeup
Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Vallie Cosmetics different from other mineral makeups on the market?
There are no fillers in Vallie Cosmetics. Vallie Cosmetics does not contain bismuth oxycloride or any other irritating ingredients. Just look at the ingredient list and you will see we only have 5 ingredients in total. Our Mineral Makeup powder is also very matte and oil absorbing. Many Mineral Makeup powders are very shiny and have less coverage. Our Mineral Foundation leaves the skin looking very natural and giving great coverage all day long. Also our prices are very reasonable for the quality of pure Mineral Makeup you are purchasing. We assure our clients that they are receiving the best quality at the best price on the market.

Does Mineral Makeup from Vallie Cosmetics have an SPF?
The titanium oxide and zinc oxide in mineral makeup has natural sun protection properties. Testing for SPF is very expensive and we try to keep our costs down to make our products affordable. We still recomend our clients to use an additional sunblock to protect their skin.

Is mineral makeup messy?
Mineral Makeup Powders can be messy without the right tools. If you use a regular dome brush it will spray mineral makeup everywhere because of the shape. The best brush to use for loose mineral makeup is a Mineral Bronzer or flat top brush. You can apply the Mineral Foundation by patting and rolling it on until you achieve the coverage desired.

Choosing the correct Mineral Foundation color is difficult for me. How do I choose the right one for me?
Mineral makeup is the best and easiest foundation to select from. A color will match several shades of skin. I recommend ordering a sample of the colors you think you could be and applying them around the jaw line to see if it is a match.

Are all mineral makeup products the same?
Not at all.  Mineral Makeup quality can vary depending on the ingredients used. Some Mineral Makeup can state on their label that they are a Mineral Makeup but the percentage of pure or natural minerals in the cosmetic is very low. Some Mineral Foundations tend to be too shiny and other too chalky. This can be from the amount of mica or fillers in it. Mica is not a bad ingredient but sometimes it can make a Mineral Foundation look a bit shiny depending on the quantity used. Fillers can tend to make the foundation chalky or irritate the skin. Vallie Cosmetics only has 5 ingredients in the formula. The right combination of these ingredients makes this formula look great on the skin. Even if you have tried Mineral Makeup before, try Vallie Cosmetics. You'll love it!

How long will my Mineral Makeup application last?
Many of our clients say from 8 hours to all day. It really depends on the application of the Mineral Makeup and your lifestyle.

What kind of coverage can I get from this Mineral Makeup?
You can achieve any coverage you desire. You can easily achieve a range from a dramatic fashion look to a very natural glow.

Will this Mineral Makeup make me look shiny?
No, Vallie Cosmetics Mineral Makeup will not make you look shiny. If you tend to be extremely oily or think you will perspire heavily, try using our finishing veils over your Mineral Makeup to help absorb oil. The veils also help to extend the stay of the Mineral Foundation.

Contact our office if you have any other questions. To find more information about Mineral Makeup use, cosmetic ingredients, application, and quality of minerals go to our benefits of minerals page.

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