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Vallie cosmetics was born from the difficulty of finding good quality mineral makeup that could be used for all skin types, including sensitive and post treatment skins. Vallie cosmetics wholesales and private labels custom blended mineral makeup.  Our natural mineral makeup is sold to makeup artists, retailers, skin care clinics, medical spas, physician offices and boutiques. Our formula is Paraben-free, talc-free, oil-free, dye-free and non-comedogenic. Vallie cosmetics loose mineral makeup is great for all skin types especially for those with sensitive, acne, combination skin, post laser, and post aesthetic treatments. We are proud to offer a wholesale and private label mineral makeup line for those wishing to start their own cosmetic line. Vallie wholesale mineral makeup can be purchased in bulk or pre packaged. The option of selling the Vallie Cosmetics brand or private labeling for your own line is up to you.

It is a great service to be able to offer your clients or patients customized mineral makeup shades that perfectly match their skin. Women are tired of buying kits and packages of several colors that do not match their skin. Most of the time the quality of ingredients is very low and it becomes a waste of money.  Many brands will have a very small percentage of minerals and most of it will be full of fillers.

When purchasing Vallie mineral makeup in bulk you can customize the colors to match your clients or patients skin perfectly.  Mineral makeup naturally has sun protecting properties to help protect the skin.  Applying our minerals over your broad spectrum sun screen will give you an extra layer of protection.

Our wholesale mineral makeup contains key ingredients like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and mica which are 100% pure natural minerals. We offer mineral makeup already packaged in compacts and sifter containers and the option to purchase in bulk.  The profit margins are larger when purchasing in bulk and in large quantities.  We do not have minimums so our customers have the option to carry and purchase the quantities they want. With our low minimums it is easy to start up your own business working your choice of hours. 

Custom blending is very simple with the loose mineral makeup. You can duplicate an existing color, tweak an existing shade to match your summer or winter skin or even replace a shade that you can’t find anymore. Custom blending usually starts by selecting 2 or 3 shades that are close to your skin color.  You can match the powder by applying a little bit to the jaw line and seeing which one or two are closest.  This is where you get creative and mix the two closest mineral makeup shades together. If you are doing this for a client or patient I recommend jotting down the formula and keeping it on file for their next order. Usually the summer shade is a little darker and the winter shade is lighter.

The same can be done with eye shadows.  The sky is the limit when it comes to creating beautiful mineral makeup colors.  We suggest purchasing a mineral makeup grinder to help evenly mix the mineral pigments.

We ship worldwide and also offer cosmetics brushes, mineral makeup mixers and private label & bulk skin care.

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