Business Energy Bill – Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills

supplier will keep prices steady

High energy bills can be extremely frustrating. After all, why does your home bill not fluctuate any more than the price of gas? Your monthly car payment still remains the same every month, regardless of how much you drive. There are a number of reasons that your energy bill could swing by up to $75 or more a month, or even increase by several hundred dollars over a year.

It’s common for people to assume that their supplier will keep prices steady no matter what. The truth is, suppliers are running out of oil and natural gas to provide the electricity that we rely upon every day. In addition, the wind and sun are both going to reduce the amount of coal that is burned to generate power. When combined, these two factors mean that our energy bills will continue to rise, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the UK where one quarter of electricity is generated by burning coal.

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If you want to see an increase in your energy bills then there are a few things you can do. You should always think about how much you are using now, rather than the average household over a year or so. Even if you just have a simple air conditioning unit installed in your home, you should check to see how much you are using right now, and then work to reduce that amount.

Another thing that can affect your energy bills greatly is the type of bulbs that you use. Try switching to CFLs or compact fluorescent bulbs. They use less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and even when they do need rewetting, you will be saving money over time. The extreme climate in the UK means that incandescent bulbs will need rewetting far more often.

install high efficiency lights

One thing that you can do to help reduce your energy bills is to ensure that your home has proper insulation. The older homes in the UK are prone to leaks, and you will not notice it until the winter season is upon you. Once you know the extent of the problem then you can take steps to correct it before it becomes a huge issue in your home. Make sure that all windows are properly sealed and also double panes of glass. You can also install high efficiency windows that use less electricity than normal. The biggest savings will come in the summer months when you are using less electricity for the heaters and air conditioning, but you should check to see if there are any increases in your supply prices as these tend to go up at regular intervals.

Another way that you can lower your energy bill is to make your business a little greener. You can pay a small additional tax each year to the government in order to offset some of the cost of providing you with a low carbon environment. This won’t reduce your bill at all but will help you offset some of the costs associated with providing you with a cleaner environment.

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