How To Take Care Of Disposable Contact Lenses

This article is about how to care for your contact lenses properly

Taking care of your contact lenses is one of the most important things to do. Proper care means that every time after putting them in your eye or each time before removing them make sure to thoroughly rinse them out. Don’t forget to carefully read the instructions that come with your contacts, for instance how to clean and handle them. This article is about how to care for your contact lenses properly, starting from the basics.

The first thing to remember is that you should never share contact lenses with your family member, partner or friend. It is very contagious, and can cause some serious eye problems. Do not share contact lenses with anyone, and if you do it is best to wash your hands before doing so. And remember that wearing contact lenses is different for everyone, and what works well for one person may be too irritating for someone else. So don’t be afraid to ask your doctor on what type of contact lenses you should use.

Proper care of contact lenses

Begins with frequent cleanings, and should include both rinsing and rubbing. First, let’s start with the rubbing. You should always rinse out your lenses with a solution that is suitable for lens cleaning, and this solution should be used on a daily basis. If you are using disposable lenses, then simply put them in a container and throw them away after the first use, this is not the proper way to clean them. Simply use a fresh, clean and approved lens cleaning solution to rinse out the lenses.

If you are using a brand new pair of contacts, then by all means, put them in a container with clean water and an appropriate lens cleaning solution. However, if you have used contacts in the past and they have become infected or dirty, your doctor recommends rinsing them with the proper eye drops first, then continuing to rinse with the lens cleaning solution. Once you’ve done this twice, you can put them in the washing machine on a high cycle for about five minutes to ensure that all the bacteria has been completely cleaned from the lenses.

disposable contact lenses

Of course, there are also other methods of care for disposable contact lenses that your doctor may suggest. One such method involves frequent, extended exposures to sunlight. This can be done by wearing protective gear like sunglasses whenever you’re outdoors. Another method is to minimize squinting, which can also cause eye irritation. In this case, you may want to wear glasses or contact lenses that do not have as much plastic around the perimeter.

If you follow these basic rules for taking care of your contacts, then you will greatly reduce the risk of getting them dirty and irritating your eyes. Also, by regularly giving them a good cleaning and by not squinting so much, you’ll avoid much discomfort when wearing them. If you still want to go the traditional route and use disposable contacts, at least make sure to use these basic rules for their care to make sure that they last you for a long time.

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